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How to Set up as a Voiceover Artist course

HOW TO SET UP as Voiceover Artist at home
(on a budget!)

Do you find it painful trying to research Voiceover online, then get all confused trying to pull information together from different channels? Have you wondered about becoming a Voiceover Artist, but are desperate for more info or simply don't know where to start? 

I've got you covered! In my online course "How to set up as a Voiceover Artist at home" you will get:

  • How to set up as a Voiceover in 5 step by step video learning modules

  • Audio Download (so you can listen on-the-go)

  • Course Slides

  • Course Manuscript

  • BONUS Module - VO Etiquette

  • How to position yourself as a professional Voiceover Artist


There is lots to digest which is why I also provide audio and script downloads.




This course includes industry secrets, known mostly to Pro's. Don't let ANYONE tell you that you need to invest thousands in a home studio before you even get your first PAID JOB.


I'll let you in on a secret - My first ever home Voiceover studio was in a closet. And it did the job beautifully because I knew how to set it up.

My clients had no idea I was recording in a closet. And they didn't care. Fact is, clients don't care what your home studio looks like, it's the SOUND that matters.


What clients want is top quality audio and a professional service. You can offer both from a home-made voiceover studio. Let me show you how.


In my course I answer common questions, show you what you need and tell you how to do it. 

You can begin as a Voiceover Artist quickly, effectively and on a budget. 

Secure Checkout. Immediate Delivery.

I will show you how in 5 video modules.

Theres lots of information which is why you also receive a manuscript, audio book and bonus module so you can listen again or on the go!

How to become a Voiceover Artist course


  • Set yourself up as a voiceover at home.

  • Build a voiceover studio in your home, on a budget.

  • Choose the best space for your setup.

  • Select the equipment you need.

  • How to position yourself as a Pro Voiceover Artist. 


  • Important VO etiquette including Do's & Don'ts of a Voiceover Artist - vital information to help position yourself as a Pro.


Why should you listen to me?

As a former Senior Executive Radio Producer and Breakfast Show Presenter for Global brands like Capital FM and Heart Radio, I know my stuff.

I've been doing this for over a decade and this course condenses what you need to know to begin your journey, in one place. I've made it as affordable as possible as I know what it's like to have to find a way to invest in something new. I will share with you what you need to know to begin.

I've coached Voiceover Artists for years and have built many audio studios.


In my easy to follow, step by step course, i'll show you what you need and why, in simple easy to follow steps.

The process is easier than you think!

Secure Checkout. Immediate Delivery.

Build your home studio and start getting work. 

The voiceover industry is booming and there is TONS of work for EVERYONE.

Established Voiceover Artists can earn a very decent living.

Create your home studio TODAY and start earning*.

In this course package you will get:

  • 5 MODULE video course (value £39.95)

  • AUDIO BOOK version of the course (value £9.99)

  • FREE BONUS - Course slides 

  • FREE BONUS - Course Manuscript 

  • FREE BONUS - How to present yourself as a Voiceover Artist module

All for just £14.99!

How to become a Voiceover Artist course

Secure Checkout. 

Immediate Delivery.

Start your VO journey today!


      BUY NOW!

For only £14.99 you instantly get in your inbox:

  • 5 clear, step by step video learning modules

  • Audio Download (so you can listen on-the-go)

  • Slides

  • Manuscript

  • Bonus Module - VO Etiquette

  • The do's and don'ts of how to present as a professional Voiceover

The true value of this course is over £150 so enjoy the affordable price of just £14.99 and get going today!

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*All website materials including text, video, courses and photographic are for informational purposes only. Any income mentioned is not typical and Voice Artist Training/Gemma Hudson offers no guarantees of earnings, employment or work based on the information provided.

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